Small businesses – understanding your why?

Why you do what you do?

Not for the first time I have been challenged by a small business owner on this subject. When you’re looking to get fast-paced trading off the ground ‘feeling the love’ sometimes feels like an indulgence you just can’t find the time for.

In simple terms it’s fundamentally the heart, soul, passion and expertise that start-ups and small businesses often, in the exciting race to build their operation, forget to invest enough time in. As an avid fan of Simon Sinek I evangelise on this point to many a client – and hey, even some of the big guys aren’t doing it well.

Don’t dismiss the heartfelt putting into words of ‘why you do what you do’. Competing merely on price is risky and not everyone has the luxury of patented USPs or truly unique, un-plagiarised products and services. Ultimately, if the passion and drive emanating from the people behind a brand can be seen, and more importantly felt, the greater will be the resonance you have with your audience.

This is classic brand building with authenticity. It has to be real, consistent and relevant but it can also be immensely powerful. When you back up this passion with excellent customer interactions you can build long-term advocacy and your customers will do a huge amount of brand building for you – because they ‘love’ you. Recommendations and reviews are incredibly powerful conversion tools. Why do you think some of the world’s best e-commerce specialists invest so much time testing the different guarantees, testimonials and reviews possible in a purchase journey? Because it really does sell. So, I pose the question, just because you’re a smaller business how can you afford not to shout your love from the highest mountain top, and build your reputation? 

Photo by Riz Mooney on Unsplash